Grocers Resource Organization (GRO+)

Online platform facilitating international trade and distribution within the grocer industry.

Lifestyle of customers and consumerism has undergone a major shift. Customers could be B2B or B2C. Customers now prefer to use online/digital channels to address their purchase requirements. Particularly, daily or recurring "on-demand essentials" such as groceries/fresh produce/other household items would be purchased by customers online. Customers (B2B or B2C) will -

  1. BODTL (Buy Online; Delivery-to-Location) - Order online and get delivery to the preferred location (warehouse/store) in a contactless+cashless manner
  2. BOPIS (Buy Online and Pickup From Location) - Order online and in a contactless+cashless manner, do curbside_pickup from the seller's location

We will definitely see aggressive adoption of the above digital transformative measures by retailers and their suppliers, particularly those belonging to the grocery domain. Grocery businesses will find the digitally transformed model resulting in a smooth order management and supply chain management -

  • Lowered operational costs
  • Tightly managed inventory
  • Predictable revenue stream

With the technology support by a digital transformation platform, the B2B value chain (sellers and suppliers) will be able to rapidly convert their manual transacting processes to online and omni-channel processes while also retaining+expanding on their customer reach beyond their geo-fenced physical locations.