Economic Recovery Center

The Economic Recovery Center is a business incubator, HUB for international trade and commerce, and executor of philanthropic missions.

The global pandemic has been a proving ground where the most agile and dynamic retail businesses have reacted fastest to the ‘new normal’ of the lockdown economy. In a rapidly evolving situation like we are facing with COVID-19, it is a tenuous situation for retailers to balance what is best for their company and still deliver a great experience to customers amidst the chaos. The pandemic has decimated a large number of SMEs (small and medium establishments) unfortunately.

Against this backdrop, the question is no longer "should retailers digitize?". Rather, it is "how can they digitally transform which best prepares them to handle current times and create an opportunity of abundance for the future?".

Dedicated to mentoring and supporting veteran, senior, and disabled entrepreneurs

Organizations that will cope best are those that have begun building a flexible digital platform for survival and thrival, for now and in the future as well. This acceleration towards digital transformation is shaping the future of retail.